March 24, 2022

Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom  

🎼Oh, I’ve been, 

Walking in the Rain with the One I Love;
God, All the Time

Walking in the Rain with the One I Love
God, Feels just Fine🎶✨💝

In honor and homepage to the Maestro himself; King of Love, Mr. Barry White

Here We GROW

Love Unlimited 


GROW A Daily Journey with God;

Good Rainy Wednesday Kings and Queens 
If it’s Sunny where You are, 
Trust the Clouds are threatening 

Sow Love, GROW 

Take the Rain and GROW
just as the Fruit of the Earth would Do, 
We need The Rain

With the Sod you got from God; bear a Bountiful Harvest of Love💫💞

A Beautiful Love Story,

Mr. Barry White a King of Love

He Loved,
He knew Love

Love knew Him cause he gave the World Love

God is Love,
God Bless you as You GROW Love Unlimited💫💞