May 8, 2021

Love, Peace and Soul, Everday!

Love, Peace and Soul, Everday!
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

          💫No matter what You want to Do💫

Keep GROWing for
You’re Breakthrough!
#Righteeousness and #genuineequality all over the World, Yeah that’s dream and here
                                     we GROW Full Steam 🚊

GROW is the end of the dark Oppressive Underground Railroad, I am the Conductor and the keys stay with me, I am the last to drive this train!
   So, I’m turning it to the Soul Train Gang💞💞💞

I Love O’Bryan’s version of the Soul Train Song🥰

The King, the Legend who all Had us dancing and glued to the TV on Saturday is not Sleep and Resting.  Imma introduce him like the man on TV:

           💞Mr. Don Cornelius!!!!!!💞

              He says, “ Remember what he told you 
EVERY single Saturday!

                   💞Peace, Love and Soul💞

In that Order Everyday!

#GROW in God for #ABetterWay 
#Righteousness and #genuineequality from here to Eternity, 
               is the way it’s gonna be!  

We Gotta answer to God you see 💞(drop🎤)