March 26, 2022

Love is Tough, Tough Love to GROW

Love is Tough, Tough Love to GROW
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Love is Tough
Tough Love but Sow Love to GROW Love

The Royal Family👑✨💝
We all are, as All My Children of the God, We have One Life to Live 
Live by the Edge of Tomorrow with God; Heal the World, make it A Better Place for You and for Me and the entire Human Race

Look in My Life✨💝
As I GROW, the whole World will know of GROW

The Caucasian King on the bus was moved to tears after my Son shared his Pistachios, he kept thanking him as he was eating them, We thought he was Playing

He kept on about those Pistachios until he Looked my Son in the eye and I could see he was Crying, he sees the World is dying from evil and hate 
I Believe he wanted to Hug my Son, over some Pistachios; 
Sow Love, here We GROW💫💞