March 16, 2022

Love is the Key to the World’s Destiny

Love is the Key to the World’s Destiny
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

I am passionate about injustices, We GROW and when I read of Ohio, it had to be addressed
 In this episode Kings and Queens, It is a emotional episode for me, topics  to talk on that Touch us all in  our lives; Oppression

We were just kids, he 16 and me 15, Puppy Love but I was devasted when he died in a tragic accident, This would be my first experience with death

The Spirits are not Resting, I have thought of him often over my Life, now I know, God needed me to GROW

 We shall work it out
 You get to a point you realize Nothing controls You 
You are Overall 
Control You, Really, that’s all You Can Do

Flowers, Emotions
We hold the Key to the World’s Destiny
Love is a Flower, from that a bud Beautiful colors shinin' through
Bless you, Brethren, Bless you, Sisteren, 
God is watching you 

Oh Yes he is Sow Love, GROW