March 28, 2021

Love and Hope are Here in GROW

Love and Hope are Here in GROW
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GROW.   Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

My mind is on India.  I pray Peace and Love going forth in India.

I always keep it 💯.

You probably saw the Moon the other night.  There was a Halo around the moon.  A beautiful Halo of different colors.  It was so beautiful I captured a few pictures.

I looked up as I got out of the car and noticed the normal full Moon.  No big deal.  About 15 minutes later as I am walking out of the store, I was alone but I didn't feel alone.

I turned and looked up, (I look to the hills whence Cometh my help), then I saw it, the Beautiful Moon.

They say it occurs every 100 days.  I am 54 and this is my first time ever seeing this.  As I was gazing at it, I immediately felt Comforted and Protected.  The Rainbow always meant Hope and Love.  It still does.

Dr. King Loved us and he Hoped one day we would GROW in Love.

Love and Hope have came home to Roost.

I no longer put the focus on the Evil,
It works tirelessly, hour after hour
And although I am aware of 
the Spiritual Warfare
My God is All Power. JLH