June 20, 2021

Lost Soulz

Lost Soulz
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

“The innocence possessed by children once lived inside my Soul,
But surviving years with my criminal peers has turned my warm Heart cold...  
When the Purest Hearts are torn apart 
Lost Souls are all that’s left.”

       an excerpt of Lost Souls by Tupac Shakur

These kids, our Youth, our Tomorrow.  WE have to do something before they are caught up in the Spiritual Warfare and then it is too late. 

Spiritual Love; We are all are born with it, Let’s Bring it back.  Teach the World to Love One by One until Evil and Hate are done.

I Love you Chicago the Windy City;
  I meditate on you,
                    I’m GROWing in God for you.

Just as I was done recording
“Lost Soulz”

I received Confirmation!
In these times, We need God Everyday!

Focus on the Solution, not the Oppression;
            God is Moving.

God bless you as You GROW 💫💞