Aug. 29, 2022

Kingdom Builders, Keep GROWing & Building a Kingdom of Love

Kingdom Builders, Keep GROWing & Building a Kingdom of Love
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I’m Jacqueline here with the GROW Program and we are Born to be Alive

Follow your ‘First Mind’ that’s God
Do the Right Thing; Love

Pass me the Sod, we got it from God, I Love You, I really do, always have, always been trusting

Yet, I never Loved nor Trusted Me, as I sit and listen to the horn of the Freedom Train Blow; GROW—> The BreaK🚊Through 

I take The Rain, some of it will never come again and GROW,in God with you

I have turned Life Fun, 
I have made Life Beautiful hon,

I have taken my Focus off the Oppression to put it to the Solution God

God is Love

They told me to, See, a year ago,
I had let go, 

       even though I had GROW, 

I wanted to end my miserable life but God said No❗️In a forceful way, I will never forget what the Queen said on that Rainy sad, depressing distressing, deadly day, I wanted to End me on that Cold day

But Queen Screamed at me❗️

“What Judgment would You face if you turned your back on the human race❓❗️

I’m dead serious. PERIOD. My tears IMMEDIATELY dried

I turned around then To GROW

Living with Souls of the Condemned, in all of these haunted houses, 
like this one; The Lighthouse that I now live in, it’s haunted too,

I knew didn’t want to be one of them, in God All Power❗️ I’m no longer scared of them, 

Evil Spirits are Real and Sow Love are Good ones
Love is the Greatest Power 

She is Me
She made a deal with God

Now it’s You and Me

Day after Day I give my Love to You
Day after Day I get Beautiful Signs, such as this Yesterday 

Yesterday is a memory 
Let’s GROW together for Tomorrow Today in Love and Unity

Bringing forth the message of The Freedom Fighters 

I Love you, God Bless you as You GROW💫💞