March 29, 2022

Keep your Head to the Sky on The Highway of Life

Keep your Head to the Sky on The Highway of Life
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

You need Faith to understand
so we're saying for you to hear
Keep your head in Faith's atmosphere
Keep your head to the Sky, God is Why;
 Life—>Strive, Live, GROW 

The Highway of a Life

Life is a Highway, I wanna drive it all Day and Night Long GROWing in God

On this Highway of Life, we have exit ramps and detours, some people get off to never get back on,

Some ramps are permanently closed or redone and You have to detour, that’s life 

People enter onto your Highway of Life and cause traffic jams, then you are stuck there until the debris clears and you can proceed on

Be careful how you drive on this Highway of Life 

Destination Up Ahead; Greatness✨💝

God Bless you as You GROW

Drive defensively and Be Careful around Life’s Bends and bows, Keep an Eye out for the Rainbows; they Represent Hope and Love, 
Something everyone deserves to have

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Lifting the World, for God, I GROW by the Edge of Tomorrow

Even though, threats of Despair of the Spiritual Warfare, hang over me

No Compassion, a Solid Check for a Year then See ya, really Lady💫💞

Sow what  is missing: Love andGROW