Dec. 31, 2020

Keep GROWing

Keep GROWing
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

The Angel outside my Window today.  
The Ancestors moved me to take a Picture of the Sunrise for the Podcast.  As I zoomed in this is what I captured.  I told you the Spirits are with us, this is an Angel, a Message from God.  Praise God and the Ancestors!  Africans are Royalty, we will Defeat the Oppression and Will Rise with Substance!

Keep GROWing ❤️ , Forgiveband Love one Another!

Meditate on the Lord.  Meditate on the Lord!  Meditate on your Heart, Meditate to the Sky, allow the Sun to warm your face.  Meditate on the beautiful thing that God created which is You! Begin to achieve your Greatness!

 GROW Kings and Queens