Aug. 26, 2021

Keep GROWing in God, with God We shall make it

Keep GROWing in God, with God We shall make it

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

“There is no Peace at the Lighthouse”

Remember, I told you.  This is the noise in my room.

Next to the Mowing around me is this, day and night, I have to fall asleep to this.  

God prepared me, because when I did have a TV, mine also played constantly.  Thankfully, I am used to falling asleep to it and watching the daily Oppression that TV offered. 

I do not own a TV, I don’t want one, I need to hear the Wisdom.

There is No Peace at the Lighthouse.  I am The Lighthouse so I have to leave this house to go find peace in the outter house:  The Beauty of God on the outside.

You are the Lighthouse there.
Sow Love and Shine your Light everywhere.  Make Peace🕊 a Mainstay everyday.

Yes, out there in the Spiritual Warfare, I drive defensively to make it everyday to Peace 🕊;

       My Mainstay, 
Sow Love for now till God says So,
               I gotta Go and GROW

*You will hear the insects in the background, they were too loud.  I will be mindful of their lullaby💫💞