June 20, 2022

Juneteenth, 2022; the Journey isn’t over, GROW

Juneteenth, 2022; the Journey isn’t over, GROW

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I am Black History 
Juneteenth is what I breathe; the Freedom to GROW towards #genuineequality and  #righteousness, I’m searching for those two to flow like a Mighty Stream as described in the book of Amos

As I stand on the shoulders of my Ancestors, I know the struggle, Blood, Sweat and Tears and yet hate and oppression continues

Sow Love, I GROW

The Revolution will not be Televised,  the people are awakening to a Spiritual Journey 

Awaken to the fact that God is within you and you can do all things by Him, the Most  High, that Strengthens you



Kings✨👑💝 and Queens✨👑💝

Michail is getting over homesickness
I told him to Make Life Beautiful the next two months with his Grandpa🥰🥰

Grandpa, my ex, he’s Good people or he wouldn’t have my GrandKingBaby 😁😁💯
They are Bonding, Praise God

God Bless all the Father’s of the World
Father’s Day is everyday

May we join in with the Mothers, Sisters and Brothers, Sons and Daughters

We are all of God, Different Skin, One Love
Love is the Greatest Power 

Yes We Can GROW in Love to drive out evil and hate and make the World Great

God is the only Supreme being
God is Love, God is the backbone to all Religion

Reflections of the Way Life used to be does not compare to the Plans God has for you and me

again, God is Love
Sow Love, GROW

       All over the World💫💞