Aug. 14, 2022

It’s the Spirits in Me; I turn into the Incredible Hulk for God

It’s the Spirits in Me; I turn into the Incredible Hulk for God
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I go into a level of Deep consciousness within myself, that is Indescribable

and I REFUSE to Allow Anyone or Anything to remove me Kings and Queens
It is my God given Joy that I was born with that The World and its problems Won’t take away

GROWing in God Everyday

       Love vs hate
The Felon, the End

My second time working with this woman in six months of being there; these two just started this man and woman from across the water

You can tell when someone is trying you;
I’m already tried

Tried and tired my Patience is very thin
Sow Love, I learned, as the word says remove yourselves from evil doers

       You Can Only Control You

11 pm—> as the night wore on, I found myself avoiding conflict constantly.
I went to work in another station

That wasn’t good enough, She wanted me back over there to ‘help’; to keep picking at me
I couldn’t see where she was on work because she refused to update the screen causing more chaos and confusion 

Bossing people around; I ain’t the one
I guess he was enjoying the show

Mr ain’t from here, he from over there, like her
I guess they were bored cause he asked the boss to send me back over there, everyone, and I do mean Everyone is a manager down there, except me; I manage Me

What he do that for?
I gave them a show, i let them know
I didn’t speak Not One Curse Word cause I wanted to be heard

 Royalty don’t speak like that, but Trust, I was heard Loud and Clear

Who wants to be micro managed?

The Momentum was building!

Sow Love, when I was asked to stand back beside her while she picked at everything I did

For the third and final time,
I walked out, I slung the hat like a frisbee again, that was the third time and final time for me

Misery Loves company, I’m not that company

That store is so busy, it Never quits
They had Good help but they didn’t want it; I know what I’m doing and I work hard

‘The Felon’ was doing fine before I came, she made it after I left too 

It’s one thing to be a felon, it’s another thing to act like one💯

I’ve been tried, tired and I’m seasoned, I’m tired of Oppression and I have no place for it, from anyone

I slept good once I got back to The Lighthouse
I know what to do: Move Me💯

‘Somebody gotta have some stopping Sense’ was what Momma always told me

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

That’s any and all Oppression anyone tries to bring our way, 
No one will breaK my stride, or hold me down oh no, I’ve got to keep on GROWing

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the World
I stand for Me, I stand for Right, even if I have to stand alone

I start a new job next week
Glory be to God, I must

       GROW! Rise like a Day; Life Goes on💫💞