Feb. 21, 2022

It’s The Beautiful G-O-D; My God✨ is Moving💫💝

It’s The Beautiful G-O-D;  My God✨ is Moving💫💝
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Momentum Monday God’sDay 

God Bless you in Peace 
Ukraine 🇺🇦 
as You GROW but all the Earthly gains shall remain, We are not here for Material things.

It was United that United me with the Motherland

Look at the date of this article, 
then now my trip 🥰🥰✨🙏🏽💞

Look at them, Beautiful Kings and Queens 
I recognize some of these Beautiful faces: Chris the tall Caucasian King 👑 was extra Super Sweet to me; 🥰🥰He gave me extra cookies.

Fourth from the Bottom, on the Motherland side is the Nigerian 🇳🇬 Queen 👑 who Helped me, beyond the call of duty; when the Covid test was late,
    then she told me She would miss me.

This is a Beautiful Group of People💝
The Beautiful tall African Queen Bottom Right, So Kind;
Kindness GROWs a Long Way

United to Bring us Together,
    We are As The World Turns

One Nation, One World under God

God is Moving ✨💫💞