March 1, 2022

It came down to the numbers but it was Up to God

It came down to the numbers but it was Up to God
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GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

God said No, GROW✨💝

I used to play numbers two times a day; only a few dollars I might would win, nothing to compensate for what I put in.  The boat? No Hope in the boat, the Casino is a business like the State, trying to come up off You.  

 I asked God to win the lottery but God had other ideas for me, God has other plans for us; Great plans; Sow Love,  here we GROW 

The numbers are right now, God’s numbers; Winning Souls for God; that’s the Best Present anyone could ask for

It wasn’t meant for me to win the lottery 💸
I won the lottery with God
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto You; I know GROW,
Daily, stay in God, put God Overall and God shall be Overall in Thee

Let there be Peace

Coast to Coast
To be Proud to Boast of God which is Love
Glory be to God

We Sow Love, we GROW Love
 not hate to exist, We are all due our Chance to reach Greatness

As the Beautiful flowers bloom together they create a Spectacular image, a setting for the backdrop;
the Mountains shall reach their Highest,
then Spread to create other Mountains, 

This is God’s Plan for us;

Always, Do the Right Thing, 
It is not always the easy thing; God is Good and Good shall follow all the days of your Life 

Amen 💫💞