June 1, 2021

In Memorial, In Memory

In Memorial, In Memory

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

In Memorial, In Memory.

Here in the United States; 
In observance of those who died In performance of their military duties.  As they were living their lives before tragedy struck.

Let's also remember those civilians who were here before evil struck.

Memorial Day; the saddest holiday of all.  Let's make the future better as we GROW in God, that Perfect Love to make the World Great for all.

A young man 21, accused of killing his best friend 18, penned a letter to God asked for forgiveness for his shortcomings.  He asked God to be admitted into the Kingdom before taking his own life.

Ecclesiastes 4:  “The dead are better off than the living.”  We are living in hell on Earth.  

We can Fix the World.  Love not hate will make the World 🌎 Great.