Aug. 28, 2021

If you Must Be Shifted, Be Lifted

If you Must Be Shifted, Be Lifted

GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

“WoMan after God’s own Heart”

It’s Time to Change up
Mix up and Match up in God.
Do a Little GROW 
            housekeeping 🧹 💨 🥰

Here we GROW💫💞

This is the 
           Soul Train Gang 💞💫💥🚊💥💫💞

and Always in parting as the Legend and King Don Cornelius would say;

I wish you Love 💞Peace✌🏼and Soul💥!

O’Brien’s version was my favorite!  Soul Train’s a Coming!

Here we GROW!  I was not alone in the #hauntedhouse with the evil Spirits.  God sent Beloved Holy ones to be with me.  

It was a woman’s voice I heard not a man.  A Queen this Beautiful WoMan👑💞

The Good Spirits are not resting while the evil is up doing.

African Spirituality is DEEP.  That is the only time you will see me type like that.  I am truly putting emphasis there.  It’s all good, it is of God, Godly and the God in Me.

If you have to be Shifted, be Lifted💫💞