May 19, 2021

I Still have my Ball and God is in the Game!

I Still have my Ball and God is in the Game!

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I am still in the Game, I will stay in the Game and Run the Ball up and down the Court for God the Rest of my Life!  The Spiritual Warfare had me Spinning in the Worst way!

I laid down my life for God in Love, Mercy and Gratefulness and I am therefore Devoted to You💞

No where near ready for Nobody’s Rocking chair and I wouldn’t dare try to haul my big 7 year old grandson!   He is almost big enough to carry me!

I Love you Kings and Queens keep GROWing on the Scene!  We are the keepers of The Dream and #genuineequality and #righteousness Will Flow like a Mighty Stream!

You’re beautiful, You are Royalty and all you need is your crown! 

You are one of Gods own created in Gods image.  We need Crowns👑
                   if nothing else,  at least just to have!


            Let’s Sow Love💫💞 Reap the Harvest of Love as You GROW 💫💞💞💞💞