May 6, 2023

I said, God did; Declare Victory over You too

I said, God did; Declare Victory over You too
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Yes, for Tomorrow, GROW
Yes, for our Children, send me Lord, I will go 
These tests required for the new upgraded Job, God has given us a Ray of Hope

With this job the Avenue, 
The Path, 

The means to Lift the World

It’s up to me, it’s up to Us, 
Be the Change to make the difference

 We are the World, 
 We are the ones to make a Brighter Day

Sow Love everywhere, Let’s start giving
we all are Born to be Alive

What they don’t know is what they will know,

Word is getting around

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

We are Born to Love and Be Loved
We are all Born to GROW💫💞

***Extra, eXtra!  In case they didn’t know, 
GROW,  The Black Sheep is Beautiful also

God is Love
Love is the backbone of all religion

Sow Love, GROW Love all over the World
To drive out hate and make the World Great

Material things dont mean anything, one day we shall Leave with nothing

We are Spirits having a Physical experience
Life is what you make it, make it Beautiful ✨💝

Sow Love here We GROW 💫💞