July 21, 2022

I never knew Love before then came God who had me to GROW

I never knew Love before then came God who had me to GROW

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

**Explicit language, I’m rephrasing

To meet a Man, a #narcissist who didn’t even Love me, all he wanted to Do was cheat on me, Pick fights with me and make me think I Was Crazy, just to Cheat

Who then threatened to kill me? Who held me  Up at arms length, by my neck because I wanted to leave him? 
I was So tired of it,  especially after we moved to a New House I had began to GROW

I read the story of Tirany Savage as I am researching, she asked for a restraining order but was denied

She lost her life to someone like Brian, a narcissist; She was trying to leave him over infidelity 
Now the World has lost her, her Mother and her Son, such a tragic loss of a Beautiful family to a horrible behavior; #narcissism, lies, cheating, abuse

My ex-husband also threw in the Bible to try to Control me, he said Paul said WoMen should be Quiet, The Husband is the head, He should walk in front of me leading me,  I should Obey, Be seen and not heard


God said GROW💫💞

Brian manipulated the judicial system to his advantage to continue to cheat.  I was to just bear and accept it, not raise up and protest it

There was no lovemaking. He said ‘Come here so I can get a nut.’ 
One day I cried over this and he proceeded to grab me in a headlock and say Girl you know
 ‘I Love you’

Before the marriage —> ‘Sweet as he could Be’ 

After the marriage,  all I ever got, a quick peck, a stuffed pet monkey on Valentine’s Day and some flowers and Candy ha!

He showed out on the 11 Eleven American Holidays,  although I do remember a Huge fight one 4th of July.  Sadly, My Mother was there. He was home to fight with me and he left for awhile.. sowing some other love I suppose.

He lied to the judge, the police and to me
Most importantly, he lied to God

I forgive #brianhunt, So does God✨💝

To God be the Glory for the whole GROW Story

In Memory of Tirany Savage, Kim Ebright,  Dayton Cowdrie and the countless victims of #DomesticViolence 

To Change Hearts and Minds for God 
       God is Love; I GROW💫💞