Dec. 22, 2020

I Miss you but I Love Me, Looking to the Lord

I Miss you but I Love Me, Looking to the Lord
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GROW.      Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

"They Smile in Your face, all the time they Wanna take your place," Backstabbers by the Legendary O'Jays.  

Rise to be a Legend in Spite of your Circumstances.  Look at the beautiful music Artists have given us despite the Oppression of this Country!  Our Rhythm and Blues Legends of the Past, They did it, Standing Ovation to All of them!

I done told you about 'They' and 'Them'.   I got to tell us about us so we can Fix us!

'They' don't mean you no good but you miss them Asand  'They' could be anybody.   The Ancestors revealed to me when you miss 'Them' go and look through the old Pictures and Videos and that'll Fix you!   You are GROWing and eventually, so will 'They.' 

 Come on people.   Let's GROW!