June 27, 2021

I Love You Keep GROWing in God

I Love You Keep GROWing in God
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Pat Robertson said “people of color have to Rise up and overtake their Oppressors.”

This is Fear and hatred that he is stoking. No one is trying to overtake anything.  The Oppression now affects us all through the evil on display in the World.

Undisputed Facts:  Africans built the World through Slavery; the Transatlantic Slave Trade was booming!  We are not 3/5 human as the Constitution once stated.   Africans are 100% human no animal DNA in me! That clause in the Constitution was quietly removed but never addressed.

Write the Wrongs.

The Oppressed want #Genuineequality and #Righteousness, the things many enjoy and take for granted, minorities cannot.