Dec. 25, 2021

I Love you; Give Love on this day and Everyday!

I Love you;  Give Love on this day and Everyday!

GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Grab a bunch of Love and take over there even if you have nothing else, Always Give Love.  
What the World needs is Love.

The One thing I couldn’t bring myself to Do was to put 
Bo my grandsons’
      Father on Child Support.

He aIways took him and was there for him. I told the state who he was because they asked, the rest was up to them, I didn’t enforce it. 

My oldest daughter his Mother, 
is ill herself and unable to care for him.

One Christmas the fireside was blazing bright, they probably caroled through the night but he had nothing but Love for the baby and took the baby.

I would realize later.
Love is the Greatest gift.

He’s GROWing with his Son, I’m the only Mother figure he has left, 
Sow Love as I GROW; I will always help.

#brianhunt even tried to stop this Dad and Son. Driven by evil, he was a hateful one; #narcissism of the Spiritual Warfare.

Support Children and their Parents. Parents co-parent for the Children.  Don’t use them for emotional pawns, allow them to spend the precious time together.
Just because a parent can’t afford to pay does not make him or her a deadbeat parent.

Give them Time with their Parent.
 You cannot buy Time 🕰 
        nor can you get it back💫💞