May 8, 2022

I Couldn’t get it Right

I Couldn’t get it Right

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

In tribute to The Legend Colin Cooper of the Climax Blues Band

I couldn’t get it Right
I Love You, written by Derek Holt as a member of the band

We got it Right
Since I began to GROW, I never looked back
It is living a Dream
and Ooh God, I Love you 

God came along from far away and found me here
and Ooh, God I need you
I Couldn’t get it Right
When I threw in the towel
God picked me up
From the floor and gave me a smile
He said you’re too young
Your Life ain’t begun 
Let’s walk for awhile

As a Keeper of the Dream Kings and  Queens, I shall GROW in God until the day I die,

I finally got it Right

and Oooh, I Love you