July 24, 2021

Hearts of Confirmation, Eye of the Tiger

Hearts of Confirmation, Eye of the Tiger

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

“Hearts of Confirmation”

Here We  GROW

Let me tell you the true Story of 
           the Glory of serving God.  

Not Once upon a Time, 
              but now today in God’s Time;

a Chocolate King grew up in a Chocolate City. He lived in a Colored house for Colored People that wasn’t so pretty.

Many days the King suffered with no food to eat, 
his Faith in God was the daily feast, 
he even worked for free, 
Sowing Love and Praying Love Forward each and Everyday for a Better way.  

The King is now Blessed; Suffering? 
Over With!  
God has heard the cry of the 
              Suffering and Oppressed. 

God does not choose his Kings and Queens by their wallets.  Don’t go your own way, Go God’s way for a Better way.  

Evil and hate have no place here!  
We have to face judgment, no matter Who we are, No Matter What we have. 

 Begin by removing yourself from the Chaos, Negativity and Drama everywhere.

God sees all, God is there.  Trust God, focus on God, GROW over the Spiritual Warfare.  

One by One until evil and hate are Done. Two by Teo God and You to get your 
BreaK Through💫💞

Love not hate will make the World Great.