Sept. 23, 2022

Having Church in the Lighthouse

Having Church in the Lighthouse
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

**A Lot of Shouting Praising God


‪One Sweet Day as the Glory of God continues to come, ‬
‪Love drives out hate‬

‪Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom ‬

‪We are the World; You and Me‬
‪A Mission of Love that is spreading all over the World 

We just received our first GoGundMe donation!!
If we Be the Change, We can Change the World for Tomorrow, Today 

Yesterday is a memory


One by One till evil and hate are Done 
‘If you give a little more than you’re asking for, your Love will turn the key💯

Thanking God for GROW Ambassador Lejah for God to Kenya 🇰🇪 

He works So hard for the Children and to bring donations in
Changing Hearts and Minds to GROW 

If you would like to donate to GROW, you may do so by 



Contact GROW through the website for additional ways to give

If you don’t give here, Give somewhere, to Lift our People Everywhere

We are the World
To not only lift one, but to Lift everyone, even those who have no one

‪Sow Love, ‬
‪God Bless you as You GROW💫💞‬