July 11, 2021

GROWing on the Highway of Life

GROWing on the Highway of Life
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Get Right or Get Left.  
                     Oh Yes, God is Real!

Some Unbelievers are doing evil.  

GROW will turn 
        Leavers into Believers.

Many are so scared to die because of their evil deeds.  God allows Repentance, how much is up to us.  We already know: 

There is a God, remember the old saying, 
“Where there’s Good there is evil.”   We have definitely seen eNough of the evil!

Here We GROW!

To Your Greatness Kings and Queens! Rise all Over the World!

Sow Love, Believe Me, God is Here
Here We Stand, 
Man and WoMan with the Plan:

God is Love. Sow Love and GROW Love to

Watch God 
           GROW all over the World  💫💞