July 4, 2021

GROW is the Butterfly about to Emerge to the World

GROW is the Butterfly about to Emerge to the World
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Taken 6/2021 over my house.  I watched it approaching from the Window.

This gets very personal.  This episode  is explicit personal details of abuse.  

All due respect to all of God’s Kings and Queens that’s where I’m coming from.  I will not always comment to GROW on the day to day Oppression.  In this case, I must make the exception.

I’m here to Sow Love and GROW Love.

 Your life is between God and you.   I’m not the judge of You and You or either of You.  On the evil, injustice and hate, Yes I do.  Now what you do have done or are doing is between God and you.

Your final Judge who each of us has to give in account to is God!  I Love you, I got the Sod from God.  So I look to You as each of my Brothers and Sisters 
       Kings and Queens, Keepers of the Dream.

My purpose driven Life is to Sow Love not hate and make the World Great.  I believe in God, through GROW God saved me!  Look at GROW, honey it’s God, it ain’t me! 

If Bill Cosby did or if he didn’t, is not up to me, that’s between God and him honey.  He has to give in account to his actions.  It is strange to me, there is No such outrage over an innocent African man and this “blind” lady justice.   He has been set free on a technicality.

((( Kevin Strickland out of Missouri

  I am not the judge, the judge is in the afterlife.  No, this is not a perfect justice system.  

To Mr. Bill Cosby with all due respect, You’re shoulders I stand on as a Freedom Fighter, I respect you.  I am not the judge of You.  As a Brother in God I Love you because God commands me to.  

I looked up to you as a child, never tried to miss an episode then, Fat Albert and his friends.  I never knew till I got grown that you were his voice then.  Not many kids I know enjoy reading credits.  As a Freedom Fighter, I still respect you King.  I Sow Love not hate to make the World Great.

#Metoo I am a survivor too.  I was sexually abused by so many “uncles” I stopped telling Momma.  I was been raped as a child and WoMan.  My stepfather went to prison for it.  I am sympathetic to it but we as Warriors don’t let it defeat us!

As Warrior, I had to learn to GROW over it in my life!  So many things I could have allowed to Defeat Me!  This is the Justice System, it is not perfect.  Crooked lawyers, technicalities, injustice everywhere but Nothing defeats us Queens!
Now with all that being said honey that Bill Cosby joke sure was funny.  

Who was it that Sang 🎤?

“🎼I I gotta be Me🎶?!”  

I really do.  I am not here to please the paupers, I’m here to please God, pass me the Sod💫💞

Until #Righteousness and #GenuineEquality flow like a Mighty Stream.