Sept. 25, 2021

GROW; a Daily Journey with You and God

GROW; a Daily Journey with You and God
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

“The Beautiful You”

The Legends in our lives.  My Grandma Doris was such an impact on me  as a child, that I carry her Legacy.

Believing in God is Believing in Love, Love for yourself and others but recognizing a healthy need for Boundaries.

I carry my Grandmother and other Legends Legacies as well as my own Love for the World in how I share my Life to help others to GROW in God.

 A Strong believer in God, although poor, my Grandma gave her all in God and so do I.  I was 17 when she Transitioned and I will never forget the empty hollowness I felt in my Soul, depression followed me, Oppression lived with me and the Suicide attempt at 14 plagued me.

Unconditional Love she gave us when she died, left us.  I felt so alone, but I pressed on.  Here I am Today GROWing for A Better Way.

God Bless you each and Everyday.

God shall provide our daily bread, it is not always Physical  food but Kings and Queens 

Food for the Soul; Spiritual Food.
God Bless You as you GROW💫💞