April 1, 2021

Good Trees and Bad Trees

Good Trees and Bad Trees

Thank you yo Dilpreet Singh GROWing in India for the Beautiful photos.
I Love you💞

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GROW.   Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

God bless you and the Beloved Ancestors keep you.

We are in a Spiritual Warfare that goes through people.  The Evil is out to destroy you because You are one of God's own.  You are Royalty, a Conqueror of God, not to be Defeated until Transition. 

Rise Conqueror!  Go about your day with Love, Forgiveness and Goodwill toward others.  It is something that is not shown to us often but 
                  We are the Change as
                   Change starts Here,
                   Change starts Now!

A Better Way

A Better Way of Thinking, A Better Way of Acting and a Better Way of Living.