Jan. 9, 2022

God’s Plan: GROW. I see the Light

God’s Plan: GROW. I see the Light

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Thank you God!  Things are beginning to come together.  I’m seeing the light where it was So dark.

Coming out from from the end of an era. A dark narrow minded tunnel

 to Light

The Light of God; Love that shall pummel each of us

Instead of the Oppression and Depression
The evil of the Spiritual Warfare trying to Overtake us.

Even when it’s raining The Sun is still shining.  It shall Rain on the Just and the unjust.  Take The Rain and The Sod you got from God and GROW.

Nothing is over You Beloved..💫💞

You are over it!  You are In this World but not Of this World!  You are Born to Be Alive! 

Transformed by 
        a Renewing of your Mind.

Sow Love here we come on this Love💞, Peace✌🏼 and Soul 💥Train headed for 

       The BreaK🚊Through💫💞