Dec. 24, 2021

God shall get the Glory for the whole GROW Story

God shall get the Glory for the whole GROW Story

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Poor Bill can’t get through
 so he just sits on Capitol Hill.

Here comes God to the rescue 
       They will know GROW

Rise!  To Reach Your Greatness!  Greatness in God!
I Love my little Girl ♥️💯 
                       the last one at home;

Me and her against the World
My daughter first told me of the Spirits in the house.  I was aware but I didn’t mention it to her because I didn’t want to scare her.  

She was already scared.

Confirmation; She told me; then we talked about it; The Spiritual Warfare.

Evil was all around us, 
     we both had to GROW.

She was 13 when I met #brianhunt. As she watched a narcissist try to destroy Me, She held onto God. 

     She is deeply Spiritual, Sweet and Godly.

ALia ♥️
   She doesn’t just “Sigh” 
                     she says it too!  My Moo♥️

Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. I was in this same hospital when I was a child. 

God is Moving, I was ten, I was Failed by Oppression.  I do believe this is the same room I was in.  It’s in the old building, 
           the same as I remember it.

Through God, this old Children’s Hospital saved me,
now they are saving my baby

We up here Laughing Kings and Queens. Bo had to go; Bo knows to GROW.

I’m Lifting her as you Lift me as God Lifts us all. 
    (TDT) - Trying Difficult Times 

            (PGAT) - Praise God All the Time!

As We GROW through this Highway of Life,
               God is the Way, Truth and the Light.

The Beginning and the End.

God is Good.  God is Love.  
Through the Love of God, Cardinal Glennon has healed children for Generation after Generation!

God Bless you as You GROW💫

P.S. Tik Tok Motivational videos🤔🥰👏🏽👏🏽
Stay tuned Kings and Queens; 

          As The World Turns