June 25, 2021

God is the Missing piece of the Puzzle.

God is the Missing piece of the Puzzle.

GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

God is the missing puzzle piece, then we Have it all together Kings and Queens.

Whether the Sun is or is not Shining, it is still Beautiful and  still thereKings and Queens!  Don’t let the weather steal Your joy!

Rise above it!  GROW from it, don’t let it take You!  You are over it; the Oppression and vices of the Spiritual Warfare that we deal with on this Earth.

I would get more enjoyment Praying it Forward to someone who needs  than to buy some toxin  or evil  one from this World that would hurt me!

I almost died thinking I Needed the vices of this World; all we need is  God!