June 9, 2021

God is Supreme; Supreme is LOVE

God is Supreme; Supreme is LOVE
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

The Spiritual Warfare 

A dark shadow appeared from nowhere. As we sat outside gazing at the stars in the night air.  He turned and looked at us but there was no face there.  He had his hand up as if he was on the phone but there was no phone there.  He then vanished into thin air.

My daughter and I can both see Spirits.  We both saw him,  We are no longer afraid.

The Spiritual Warfare and normally I would have been terrified and beyond scared.

I can see them and where I was afraid house after house;
Hour after Hour fear is No more; I Now walk in Power!
Greater is He that dwells in Me
             than the evil of this World! 

The sight that met me over my house today.  The Rainbow, the sign of Love and Hope from God.  

It is now over my house as I type this description.  A Beautiful sign from God.  Keep GROWing in God!