May 20, 2021

God is All Power over All

God is All Power over All

GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Evil has no Power over You,
             Except what You allow It.

Hold on to #God like God is the Ball and You are the King and Queen of the  Basketball Court!

Cause You are💫💞

I got my ball (God) Kings and Queens, I’m still dribbling; Still in the Game hoping to Gain #righteousness and #genuineequality for Now and Eternity,

          just eyeing on the Sideline for a minute, don’t feel like Walking but I’m still Driving this Soul Train gang!

In No Ways Tired still in the Game, Pushing on through for a BreaKThrough cause,
when I Shoot Your Majesty;
                  I Plan on Winning the Game!

As We are GROWing; 

With God on our Side, the World Is Ours,  
It is God’s Will that shall be 
                           Done on Earth.  

From my lips to God’s ears, 
                         here we GROW💞