Oct. 1, 2022

God help Us, God Bless us as We GROW

God help Us, God Bless us as We GROW

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I met  Bob Barker in person

He looked at me, he ignored me, deliberately, 
He looked me right in the eye and didn’t call on me, lol

I was So mad! 

I was so mad that I didn’t get on the show I wanted to leave,

but this King, knew that wasn’t what God had for me

I can laugh about it now, Cause I already 

Won the Showcase Showdown!  

I Spun the wheel and it landed on God✨💝

This article on Bob Barker is Good health advice
I am leaving meat alone, I rarely eat beef,  I’m iffy on turkey, I eat No Seafood

I #seafoodbutdonteatit

Chicken is Always Good❤️

Fruits,  Vegetables, lots of Water, Fruits and Vegetables, again and beans, rice and pasta dishes

Tofu, I Love You

Yes, Fast food on a rare occasion of chicken
Or Vegetable fried Rice
You can cook your own Healthy food at home

Get in the kitchen and get creative 
Leave the sugar, Sugar 

Use honey, Honey
It’s Good for the body, the King said

I haven’t eaten Pork 🐖 in years, it is one of the filthiest animals you can eat, they will eat anything 

Pig ears, pig feet, snouts, ham, bacon, pork chops, for chitterlings to the store I hopped, 
Pig tails, I nibbled own, then I finally left them alone, they didn’t look right, cause it wasn’t right

Two years ago, I cleaned and cooked chitterlings for someone and I couldn’t even eat my own Chitlins’ 

That was the end of the line for Pork and Me December 2020

I ain’t PETA, Enjoy your meat, 
I did while I ate it

For my Dad and me, we found out that meat Blocks our digestion 

It does for everyone 

It takes meat days to digest
Except for one WoMan, who has the doctors flabbergasted at what her body does to meat

 God said to tell you what I do for me

In order that I GROW to tell the World to GROW
Eat to Live to help your body help you to be here

I love a little Good MJ too
It’s a Gift of God from the Earth
Be Careful who you getting it through

Don’t let Nothing be over You, 
You are over It

Life is Beautiful 
Love, let Live, Sow Love and GROW💫💞


💞💫Mother Nandi, my Oldest Daughter 💫💞