Jan. 29, 2023

God Bless you; The Revolution will not be Televised

God Bless you; The Revolution will not be Televised

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Gold does so many things
I got a little tiny gold

Some may say it ain’t worth nothing 

But to me, it’s worth my Life

We are Gold;
the pride of The Pride of God

I’m Suited and Booted
In the whole armour of God everyday All Day

Ain’t that what they did?
They had to wear it

I’m wearing mine too, 
The Whole Armour of God!

Put on yours too

Destination up ahead; 

We’re on the Love 💞, Peace ✌🏽and Soul 💥 Train doing some traveling 

picking Up passengers✨💝

Changing Hearts and Minds to GROW for Tomorrow 

Need something? I got you
Come GROW with me on this Beautiful Journey 
our Highway of Life

God is Love

Allow God to lead
God got us

Rising from the dust

What was the Underground Railroad is now

The BreaK🚊Through

The word of God is Love💯
Don’t believe me, look it up

You don’t need no ticket, just Get on Board this Soul Train

Thank the Lord!

This is God by the Spirit of God within each one of us from which we were born

Sow Love all over the World

       here We GROW💫💞



God is Love
Love is the backbone of all religion

Sow Love, GROW Love all over the World
To drive out hate and make the World Great

Material things dont mean anything, one day we shall Leave with nothing

We are Spirits having a Physical experience
Life is what you make it, make it Beautiful ✨💝

Sow Love here We GROW 💫💞