Aug. 29, 2022

God Bless you as You GROW, You are a Kingdom Builder

God Bless you as You GROW, You are a Kingdom Builder
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Follow your ‘First Mind’ that’s God
Do the Right Thing; Love

Pass me the Sod, we got it from God, I Love You, I really do, always have, always been trusting

Yet, I never Loved nor Trusted Me, as I sit and listen to the horn of the Freedom Train Blow; GROW—> The BreaK🚊Through 

I take The Rain, some of it will never come again and GROW,in God with you

I have turned Life Fun, 
I have made Life Beautiful hon,

I have taken my Focus off the Oppression to put it to the Solution God

God is Love

They told me to, See, a year ago,
I had let go, 

       even though I had GROW, 

I wanted to end my miserable life but God said No❗️In a forceful way, I will never forget what the Queen said on that Rainy sad, depressing distressing, deadly day, I wanted to End me on that Cold day

But Queen Screamed at me❗️

“What Judgment would You face if you turned your back on the human race❓❗️

I’m dead serious. PERIOD. My tears IMMEDIATELY dried

I turned around then To GROW

Living with Souls of the Condemned, in all of these haunted houses, 
like this one; The Lighthouse that I now live in, it’s haunted too,

I knew didn’t want to be one of them, in God All Power❗️ I’m no longer scared of them, 

Evil Spirits are Real and Sow Love are Good ones
Love is the Greatest Power 

She is Me; The souls come back, I’m coming with the Truth and the Proof
She made a deal with God

Now it’s You and Me

Day after Day I give my Love to You
Day after Day I get Beautiful Signs, such as this Yesterday 

Yesterday is a memory 
Let’s GROW together for Tomorrow Today in Love and Unity

Bringing forth the message of The Freedom Fighters 

I Love you, God Bless you as You GROW💫💞