Aug. 22, 2022

God Bless the USA and the World as We GROW

God Bless the USA and the World as We GROW
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Good or bad, We all got one: A Past

A Lifetime of running up behind people 
Begging them for forgiveness when what I did was to me

I hurt me

God forgives me
They hold my Past up to me

I can’t talk to some of them without someone saying Remember when?  
I know my Family, fam❤️
I know what they’re thinking

They can’t forgive themselves for whatever so they cannot forgive me for whatever 

Thank God Forever
My Past created who I am Today to tell Thee

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Any oppression all over the World

Control You! Change you😍
I’m a Black Sheep too, now one of God’s Shepherds

Following in the footsteps of my BeLoved Ancestors, I walk in my own shoes

       Sow Love here We GROW

They had pasts’ too
One thing we got in common Boo

The Love of God, we were born with it
Spirit Love, now GROW with it

*As I research photos of our BeLoved Ancestors, they were all different Colors from different walks of Life
I drew a Beautiful portrait of Lincoln as a child, now I know why; Freedom

from Mark Twain to Abraham Lincoln to Malcom at his awakening, always a Thinker, even as he was speaKing 🗣his words brought Impact and Change
People allowed evil to use them for an evil purpose, We will allow God which is Love for the Opposite:  Good Change

Trust, God got the evildoers
Eisenhower told you the Truth

In God we Trust
Remember, God is Love God is within

Sow Love, GROW 
       We Must for Tomorrow💫💞