March 18, 2021

Go with the Flow of God

Go with the Flow of God
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GROW.   Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

I am moved by the Spirits.

The sound of the Highway.  Just go with the flow here just on this episode.....The Highway of Life.  I love the sound of the highway.  It is really a beautiful sound...until there is a crash or traffic jam!

Our life is the Highway of Life.    

During your journey, you will encounter Narcissistic people.  It is Part of the Evil of the Spiritual Warfare that we are in.  Please allow them to pass you in your journey of Life, they will cause a Major traffic jam, possibly loss of life.

It's just Rush and Go and Get!  A narcissists' way of thinking is:  "I got to get mine at the expense of Any and  Everybody, no matter who I hurt."  They will tell you that too.  I was told there was nothing more I could do for him;  I couldn't buy him anything else. 

 Evil driven people never stop and think about all the evil of the world and how they are apart of it and Judgment that awaits. Like, the Highway we are just passing through on a journey trying to Reach our Greatness in God, but be aware of the Warfare. This journey is not long and its days are not promised.

God will catch up to them and get them to GROW.  Love will drive the Evil out.

Remember the message of Dr. King and the Freedom Fighters; Love drives out 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞hate.