Sept. 1, 2021

Give God some Time all the Time; Live Right

Give God some Time all the Time; Live Right

GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Through the Rain, Through the Darkness I am praying the Light of God to You
Sending Love and Prayers your way

Even through this storm;
God is Still the Bridge over Troubled Waters.

Like many of you, I had

My little runaway child running Wild; also like you I’m a praying Parent who prayed over my children too.

My oldest daughter, my Queen, my daughter Whitney has been through but God carried her through.
I spoke over her Life.  I spoke Life into her Life too.

The tongue speaks Life and it speaks Death.  
Sow Love in everything you do; Speak Life.

Last year in the haunted house as I was GROWing in God I prophetically spoke that my child would be GROWing too!

Glory be to God she has been GROWing daily; for months!  She is getting stronger in her walk with God, away from the Spiritual Warfare trying to take our young people today.

If you Love them and I know you do,
     Tell them to GROW with us too!

Family and Friends Day?
 Tell them to GROW in God for
              A Better Way💫💞