June 22, 2021

Get Right or Get Left Behind

Get Right or Get Left Behind
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Children are not born with How to books.

I blame nothing on my parents, they were under Oppression and did the best they could.

Recognize your parents for You and who you have become today, not the negativity in how you were raised.
Our parents were under Oppression as We are now.
 Our kids think they know it all, get mad at us because, hey, life is not perfect.  
Parents make mistakes and learn. 
 It is all a part of being a parent.
They get mad at us!
I remember being mad at my parents!

Honey please, 
with Love these Kids will get over it!
I don't lose No sleep over how I raised my kids.
  I was a single Mom and they had it much easier than I did.
My mom was a single parent too.
Times were much harder then.
I know in God and as a single mother I did my best, God knows I did and one day our children will see too;

When they become parents!
Sow Love, GROW Love and watch Your Harvest GROW.