May 10, 2021

Genuine Equality and Righteousness

Genuine Equality and Righteousness

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Listen, the last time I wrote poetry I was Ten.

Poetry, Art and Reading about  the places where my voice graces
 where my voice is heard where GROW is out 
were my Only way out, until I tried my Own way out...

An escape from a life of Oppression 
     and even four years later from Depression 

After the suicide attempt,
God still Delivered me, Carried me, Kept Me from Brian and ME!

 brought me and HERE we GROW!
as We Sow,
don’t you know
we will RISE in God!
 and we will GROW 
as we Sow
the seeds of Love from God above!

Let Me put Some Floetry In the Breeze, 
Get-on your knees please as We Praise God,
 the Man with the Plan as We Stand over Evil and Drive out Hate to make

The World 🌎 Great!

Hand me some more Sod 
                 as We GROW in God💞 

We are the Keepers of the Dream!

🎼The Dream Kings and Queens has gone Full Steam!  Hold on Soul Train!  We Sowing down the Line!  Soul Trains a Commin; with #genuineequality and #Righteousness; 
E’er body Want it, E’er body Want it🎶

#Peace, #Love and #Soul Everyday💞