July 26, 2022

..for the Good Times but The Rain steady pours

..for the Good Times but The Rain steady pours

We on A Journey over here!

The Rain steadily drops
My Heart feels like it want to Stop 

but No!

I GROW, The Sun comes out from the clouds Everyday for me, I’m reaching out my hand to Touch the face of God

Giving God the Praise in All things
Remaining Happy in my state, 

The Rain comes, it continues to pour on The Just as well as the unjust 

‘Unjustice’ anywhere is ‘unjustice’ everywhere

She had to Say it!

Sow Love not hate and make the World Great for Tomorrow Today 
as I sit and Pray for God to guide me on what to do about The Rain

If there is Anything you Love to do that makes you Happy and makes others Happy too,
do More of that as You GROW; 

You —> Be the Change 
then there GROW Change for Tomorrow

As the World Turns and Wind howls some mo’

Just looking out of the window, watching the asphalt GROW 
Thinking about how it all look hand me down
Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

       Great as We GROW💫💞