Feb. 8, 2021

Food, Cigarettes and the Doctor

Food, Cigarettes and the Doctor
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GROW.  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

In August 2020, I weighed nearly 200 lbs and at 5 ft 2, that was overweight and my heaviest.  As of today, I am at 140lbs.   Before I started having children, I was 120.  It's still coming off.  I'm GROWing.

 I cut down my portion sizes considerably and eliminated Pork and Soda.   Water and fruit juices and no alcohol.  Sweets yes, but small portions. I am constantly working on the GROW Movement and I stop letting food dictate and take dominant in my life.  

 I wasn't my husband telling me that I needed to lose weight; I began to GROW.   Nothing, including food defeats Royalty.

On this journey as I am GROWing the Movement.  I reflect constantly on our Ancestors.  They ate scraps and mostly garbage. Conducting the Underground Railroad, I barely have time to eat.  I understand that eating is fuel but I really don't have an appetite but to GROW and spread #Love.