April 27, 2022

Float on by the Oppression with God

Float on by the Oppression with God

GROW  Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

It was called Forensic Files but I no longer focus on the Oppression 
Things are not what they appear to be; it is Injustice  
Get on Cloud 9 and Float on by the Oppression 

Our Galaxy

They guess, they wonder, they study 
and another Study, 

then My Friend an Hypothesis; Another ‘guess’

Only a few, Venus, Mars and The Moon 
Uranus is full of Ice, no dice

Getting to Mercury, possibly, but unlikely; Radiation, too close High degree of heat 

Pluto is a No-go, it’s Too cold

Jupiter is swirling gases and liquids, too much pressure
It Rains Diamonds on Saturn but if you get one 

Saturn will sink one;
You will somehow go through its Atmosphere,

Diamonds may be a Girls’ best friend but I’ll just stay here till the end, Friend

Elon, my Brother, more Power to You✊🏽✨💝

Sow Love, how was it all Created, 

The Galaxy,
God created it and You and Me

I’m coming with the Truth and The Proof 

      in a haunted house I was Spoken to;

       They told me to GROW

A little Surprise at the end🥰🥰🥰💫💞