Sept. 23, 2021

Find your Peaceful place and Meditate to God

Find your Peaceful place and Meditate to God
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

I so so very much Look Forward to the day of a completely peaceful place to GROW, free from the many interruptions around the Lighthouse.  

Thank God, I am used to falling asleep to the TV because my bedroom wall in the Lighthouse is very thin and their TV is loud. I hear every word of their fights and the horrible thing he did to her. #Narcissists are everywhere.

I have to leave the Lighthouse to find Peace and that is very sad,   So that I may receive the Wisdom free from evil of the Spiritual Warfare  never leaving where I am sleeping to find Peace and the World To GROW to World Peace Is my  Prayer.

God said it is not too much to ask, but I had to GROW first.  I am like  a Great Mountain that has to spread to make other Mountains, I Sow.

This is my Prayer now and I cannot believe over all the tragedy, strife and evil I dealt with, it has come to simply this;  a Prayer for World Peace for the World to GROW and our BreaK Through 

God has Blessed me too GROW.