April 6, 2021

Failed by the Oppression

Failed by the Oppression
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

"My birthplace; East saint Louis, Illinois.  The eyes of God watch you Illinois, as you GROW in God."

People don't believe.  With all the Evil and Suffering in the World, many don't believe in God.

Or they keep doing wrong because they believe and Live by this old adage, 
"Jesus forgives."  Jesus taught you to Forgive.  Have you?
Don't have "Twisted Thinking" that will have you bound up in the Laws of Religion.  

We are Spiritual people.  You Will give an Account to your Actions here on Earth.  We all will be judged by the Heart, no matter What your denomination.

Get Right or get Left.
#God allows U-turns.
#grow over the Oppression.
#narcissist will be Outed.
#love you, no one can do that like you.
#abetterway of life in God through GROW.

Evil has taken over the World and the World has lost Faith.

GROW will make you a Believer again.  Watch Us as We GROW in God.  Blessings.