April 4, 2021

Easter is a Day of God, Pray it Forward

Easter is a Day of God, Pray it Forward
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GROW. Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom

Here is Wisdom.

Enjoy this beautiful day of God.  No longer Holidays to me but Each day a day to represent our God in how God represents us; through his Love for each of us!
God bless you and carry you on today.

Yes, Jesus Rose.  Jesus is an Ancestor. Jesus is not the only spirit that Rose, because I lived in a house with Good Spirits and Evil spirits.  They Roam this Earth! It is a Spiritual Warfare that we're in now!

There will be a new Holiday.  Always treat this holiday with dignity and respect for God and your Ancestors.

Live each day to it's fullest. Fill your days with God, which is #Love,  #kindness for one another laughter and Good Times.

Each day, No matter what day it is, You Are to represent the above characteristics daily.  Not just because it happens to be a holiday; Everyday is a day of #God,
 show Love.  

Love is what God has shown you, 
Pray it forward.  I Love you 💞