Dec. 16, 2021

Don’t play Spiritual Warfare games with your Life.

Don’t play Spiritual Warfare games with your Life.

GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Spirituality; You and God

Be Lifted 

as a Feather  

Be Encouraged as a trusting Bird 🦅 Flying in the Wind 

On a windy day 🍃💨

Who does not Love the feel of the wind
   softly blowing across their face.

A machine can gauge but cannot accurately guess the wind. 

Around You may be some disarray some 
          Chaos, Drama or Negativity,

Trust God is with Thee

Trust just as the planes, birds, kite’s or anything that flies depend on the Wind 

God is a Spirit 🌬

        Moving in the Wind.  The Wind has changed Direction.

God’s People are GROWing.

Here is Wisdom.

🧠 Renunciation means the formal rejection of something.  Transformed by a Renewing of our minds.

You are a Legend.  GROW with God,
God is within You!  By his Spirit Within You,

As you GROW, 
Sow Love to GROW 
            Love all around You!

We stand on the shoulders of the Freedom Fighters who Stood on
              God’s Shoulders of Love💫💞