Sept. 13, 2022

Don’t give Up, or Give in; Put in to GROW

Don’t give Up, or Give in; Put in to GROW
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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

Tomorrow is coming quickly, let me get ready Today

I’ve got to fix me and that around Me💯✨💝
Especially me, Take a Good, Hard look at me

Society already did, to them, 
I am Nothing

To #God I am Something 
Better than my Environment 

Greater than my circumstances 

Thank God,
 they’re over there Laughing and not Fighting🙏🏽

More Love, Please❤️

This car was the First of my Headaches 

Right after I met #brianhunt, he asked me to co-sign for it, he then promptly took it over to spend the night with the ex; 

he didn’t have a Car when We met,
No way to work

Honey, his ex wouldn’t let him drive hers he said

and She had more than one

Well, your Majesty
Shortly afterwards sadly, Something bad happened to it
There are many Spirits here✨💝


I can say Today, I am driven by God
God is Good

I leave People alone, Love them from a Distance 

I know how to do it, He Taught me to leave him alone for weeks at a time

Cause he had other women
Honey, You Better GROW with me, 

The United States Government knows everything about us Everything
They got a file on Your Life 

Through a number Social Security,
I saw it for myself

The file had stuff in it from when I was a child
Blew me away❗️

Sing 🎤 I know I’ve been Changed,
The Angels in Heaven done signed my Name

Glory be to God

I’m Changed, 
My Past created who I am in God to help us to GROW in Him

My head hurts, that means something is wrong, Glory be to God, I know what it is and what it Won’t be #Oppression 

My Friends, Kings✨👑💝 and Queens✨👑💝

Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom 

#GamesPeoplePlay will get some hurt, I almost killed Me, but God saved me,

Told me to GROW

#bobbiecraven for You, God is coming
God is Love, #toughlove is #tough 💫💞